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Switzerland just works. Reliability, punctuality, political and economic stability, authenticity and a true nature to discover, ranging from palm trees to glaciers. Bern is proud to do whatever it takes to make your meetings successful.

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City Notfall Bern Schanzenstrasse 4A 3008 Bern. 

At Zürich Airport: you can find via this homepage:  

A variety of free of charge activities in Bern
- Free public transportation during your overnight stay
- Visit of the BearPark for free
- Zoological Garden Dählhölzli; most areas of the zoo can be explored free of charge
- Free public swimming pools
- Visit the House of Parliament free of charge

Switzerland remains with the Swiss franc, usually indicated as CHF. While Switzerland is not part of the European Union and thus is not obliged to convert to the Euro, many prices are nonetheless indicated in euros so that visitors may compare prices.
Merchants may accept euros but are not obliged to do so. Change given back will most likely be in Swiss francs.
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Weather in August
Weather in August in Bern. The average temperature in Bern in August is very mild at 17 °C (62.6 °F). Afternoons can be fairly hot with average high temperatures reaching 23 °C (73.4 °F). Overnight temperatures are generally mild with an average low of 13 °C (55.4 °F).

All over Switzerland
Lowest VAT rates in Europe, breakfast and public transportation
generally included in room rate, excellent multilingual knowledge,
outstanding infrastructure and service. Duty Free Paradise in
Geneva and Zürich airports. Tax Free Shopping: Global Refund: VAT:
7,7%; minimum spending: CHF 300.

About Bern

The city itself and the surroundings of Bern offer plenty of forests and gardens, a zoo at the river Aare, as well as art museums and sport facilities. It’s not far either to the famous mountains of the Alps. For several years, Bern has been ranked among the world’s top ten cities worldwide for the best quality of life.





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