Dear colleagues,

When we started to prepare our bid to host the 18th European Meeting on Complement in Human Disease (EMCHD) in 2017, there was no pandemic and no war in Europe. Clearly, the world has not become a better place in the meantime. Yet, the recent developments once again highlight the importance of the advancement of science to ‘ease the burden of human existence’, as Bert Brecht once pointed out, and of international solidarity, mutual support and understanding across borders and nations. With the upcoming EMCHD in Bern, Switzerland, we therefore aim to gather colleagues from all over the world and foster the scientific advancement in the field of complement to fight human disease. It is in that spirit that we cordially invite you as fellow complementologists to come to Bern to attend the 18th EMCHD, to finally meet again in person! We will have an interesting scientific program and you will get all the news about complement-related research, including, of course, novel insights about the role of complement in COVID-19. As usual, there will be a teaching day at the beginning of the meeting, perfectly tailored for our younger colleagues in the field. The social program, finally, will help to bring people together, to promote collaborations across borders, nations, and races – something that may be even more important now than it seemed at the beginning of this year.

We look forward to welcoming you in Bern!

Robert Rieben
Daniel Ricklin
Marten Trendelenburg
Verena Schröder
Sacha Zeerleder
Uyen Vo

...and the team of The Meeting Planners

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About Bern

The city itself and the surroundings of Bern offer plenty of forests and gardens, a zoo at the river Aare, as well as art museums and sport facilities. It’s not far either to the famous mountains of the Alps. For several years, Bern has been ranked among the world’s top ten cities worldwide for the best quality of life.





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